Celebrate with us the big comeback of trends from the 80s and shine around with trendy neon colors!

Blackboard colour & Co

Transforms surfaces into blackboards

moments of happiness

Charming Doorstopper

Summerlike Bag

Enjoy summer with our beautiful bag out of premium paper bast

Leather bracelet

Ready, steady, go!

Jewelry Trend

Colourfull ideas with Paracord

DIY Statementkette

Our new styling trend!

"Do it yourself" – shortly DIY is completely trendy. Self-made things are absolutely scheduled. Just as well as big chains, which sets statements. Our new crafting tip for the bead boutique combines with the “Statement chain” two big trend topics. With our new aluminum element necklaces in gold, silver or black, coloured suede ribbons and real glass beads you can make your own personal statement necklace so easy. An eye catcher to a simple top or to a glamorous party outfit: Follow the trend of the statement necklace but in your own DIY way!

Link to the crafting tip

Blackboard colour for fabric

Set a statement!

One of our newest innovations is the blackboard colour for fabric. A world novelty in the hobby & crafting business. With this colour fabrics can be changed into surface writable with chalk. Weather jute bags, T-Shirts, table runner and many more – due to the blackboard colour for fabric you can set a new statement every day! By using our new stencils or free hand a “blackboard” arises in a flash, on which you can write or paint with chalk according to desire and mood. If you don’t like the motif anymore – just wipe it away with dump or wash the fabric in the washing machine at 40C°, so the chalk disappears, but the blackboard colour still stays on. How to do it you can read in our crafting tip.

Link to crafting tip

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