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Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings

With the new series “Christmas Greetings” in our line “moments of happiness” a large number of possibilities are presented as ideas for crafting and presents for Christmas. Plain or patterned fabrics in the classical Christmas colours red and green, as well as matching ribbons, buttons, paper stripes and stamps inspire to do Christmas crafting together. Tip: Self-made cuddly toys or pillows made of the “moments of happiness” fabrics are always a great idea for presents.

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Paper stencil Star-box

Paper stencil Star-box

Whether as a beautiful wrapping for present or as a hanger for the advent calendar tree, with the paper stencil star-box you can easily create festive paper boxes. Individually created with high quality paper in brilliant colours, with flitter or filigree wooden objects this box is a present itself which gives a lot of pleasure.

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