paint me

Our new water-based paint me make-up colours can be applied fast and easy and result in spectacular effects!


With the new clock elements individual and personal time inidcators can be created in no time.


Celebrate with us the big comeback of trends from the 80s and shine around with trendy neon colors!

Blackboard colour & Co

Transforms surfaces into blackboards

moments of happiness

Charming Doorstopper

Summerlike Bag

Enjoy summer with our beautiful bag out of premium paper bast



Jewellery trend Paracord

The new, scheduled jewellery trend Paracord appears sporty and colourful. Tie, plait, knot – with Paracord everything is possible. Originally used as rope for parachuting now this material is absolutely trendy. Weather jewellery or home decoration, let yourself be inspired by the diversity and learn about new knotting technics with our crafting tips.

Link to the instruction

Enjoying summer

Enjoying summer


This summer has already granted us some hot days and still more will come quite certainly.For sunny days on the lake or at the stroll through the town, bags from our premium paper bast are the right companions. Easy and trendy they give the ultimate summer feeling and offer enough storage for sunglasses, bath towel and co.

Link to the instruction bast bag



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