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Antislip sock stop

Warm feet on cold autumn days

Leather bracelet

Ready, steady, go!

Jewellery Trend

Jewellery Trend

Vintage Collection

Creative Cement

Mould your ideas into form!

Enchanting advent calendar

24 small gifts lovely wrapped

You’re never too old for an advent calendar. Whether child or adult, tasty goodies and small gifts sweeten the time while waiting for Christmas. There are nearly no limits for the creating of decorative advent calendars. Hanging in small bags or laying in bags and boxes – there’s the right packaging for all kind and size of presents. Also the zest for colours varies every year. Who had the classic red last year maybe want’s to try a trendy pastel this year. Here you can find some nice instructions to create an advent calendar of your taste and so please your beloved family and friends.

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New moulds create precision in casting

Creative cement is still in trend

From a building material to a living room-friendly do-it-yourself-material: The innovative creative-cement by RAYHER HOBBY has captured the hearts of artisans, handicraft fans and gardening enthusiasts. The joy for creating trendy cement-accessories facile and healthy is unbroken. The company doesn’t only react with a practical 9 kilograms bucket for large objects to the rising demand of creative cement- To provide even more flexibility in the creation of robust eye catchers new casting moulds in a modular system have been integrated in the existing assortment currently. In addition, LDPE-moulds suited for foodstuff offer the opportunity to pour filigree cement-pieces.

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With cement-jewellery DIY-hobbyists become trendsetters

Creative pouring of fashion-accessories

When creative-cement by Rayher Hobby found it's way because of its easy and furthermore health-conscious processing in domestic living rooms at the beginning of the year, the company currently is setting new standards: Owing to a flexible recipe the multifunctional material is able to capture fashion-lovers hearts and establishes unexpected possibilities in this segment. Whether combined with sparkling Swarovski-pendants, purified with Deco-metal or simply variegated with acrylic marks - the fashion-conscious womankind is opened to a creative variety during the creation of the robust uniques.

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