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Antislip sock stop

Warm feet on cold autumn days

Leather bracelet

Ready, steady, go!

Jewellery Trend

Jewellery Trend

Vintage Collection

Creative Cement

Mould your ideas into form!

Purist charm is always trend

A knob for all situations

Knobs for furniture are existing in every household due to their elementary functions, but they practically ignored. To give your house a new look sometimes it’s enough to move small things of your interior in the focus. Cement knobs are an ingeniously and cost-effectively solution to set new highlights quickly and easily. With the new crafting kit for cement knobs from RAYHER HOBBY creative minds can make the popular, naturally trend in their own nest at once. With the practical complete kit to mould the robust eye catcher it’s so easy to create your own unique pieces. The included plastic spacers, which are placed in the cement directly after moulding it, offer the screws an accurate and safe stand, while the food-safe and elastic LDPE Casting moulds make the demoulding of the hardened elements a “walk in the park”.


New ideas for communion and confirmation

At the start of the coming year, invitations, table decorations and thank you cards following communion and confirmation once again offer a popular excuse to become creative. Especially for these occasions, Rayher Hobby now offers punches and stamps with new motifs, as well as colourful paper for creating cards. Washi Tapes with atmospheric motifs as well as 3D paper accessories round off the product line and give the self-made creations the finishing touches. Be it in fresh tangerine or in brilliant teal - the variety of colours offers countless possibilities for impressive paper creations.




With cement-jewellery DIY-hobbyists become trendsetters

Creative pouring of fashion-accessories

When creative-cement by Rayher Hobby found it's way because of its easy and furthermore health-conscious processing in domestic living rooms at the beginning of the year, the company currently is setting new standards: Owing to a flexible recipe the multifunctional material is able to capture fashion-lovers hearts and establishes unexpected possibilities in this segment. Whether combined with sparkling Swarovski-pendants, purified with Deco-metal or simply variegated with acrylic marks - the fashion-conscious womankind is opened to a creative variety during the creation of the robust uniques.

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