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Just celebrate.

Celebrate your life.


Turn your year into your very own highlight!

Colour your life.

Cast your ideas into colour.

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Creative Cement

Mould your ideas into form!

Raysin becomes colourful

Pure white, concrete grey – we love them! But sometimes we need a bit of colour: pink, lilac, sky blue and pea-green or a radiant sunny yellow makes above all our world colourful. Mostly our life is composed of everyday questions and habits. First and foremost, the variety – a little colour – makes it all the more liveable and loveable. By colours, we express our emotions, feelings and moods, and after a grey foggy day, we revive in an instant the whole with a dab of a pale yellow, rosy or mint green paint. Bring some colour into your life! This is now very easy to do with our new colour pigments and our ultra-white casting compound providing a smoother surface appearance: Raysin – Rayher’s cult product that is already well entrenched over many generations.

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Just celebrate!

Whether the occasion is a milestone birthday, your dream wedding, a baby shower of your best friend, the baptism of your little treasure or a refreshing garden party – there are plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable celebration. For both small and big celebrations, there is always a lot of time and effort invested into elaborate decoration, but now adjectives such as ordinary and boring belong to the past! A highly sophisticated decoration achieved by our party accessories gives your event the finishing touch and a distinctive look. Garlands, balloons, confetti & Co. – every single accessory turns your party venue into oasis of wellbeing. With Rayher Celebration, your upcoming party becomes in no time a memorable experience. Excitingly different!

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Homemade Goodies

Made by yourself, wrapped, decorated, given away – or just kept for yourself. With our Homemade Goodies products, you can embellish your whole year! Here, you will find the appropriate wrappings and decorations for your self-made treats and self-created artworks. By means of a decorative gift paper, sachet out of kraft-paper or practical glasses in various sizes - creative eye-catchers arise in a flash for yourself and your loved ones.
Quickly, simply and stylish - for small events, for big celebrations, when guests are expected – or just for yourself.

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