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Daily Soap

The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising – the appropriate time to fancy freshness, fruits and happiness! Even in the midsummer, our range “Daily Soap” provides a little refreshment following in due course. Small lemons out of kneading-soap and other fragrant soaps that evoke summer in Provence – the creative and refreshing boon for the ones remaining at home and the balcony vacationists. Get your hands on this summery soap world for your very own domestic pleasure!

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Hot temperature and warm colours – we look forward to the summer! With our new jewellery creations, we usher in the coming season, and prepare ourselves for the swimming pool and the ice cream parlour. Sparkling gold, curved ornaments and perhaps a small pineapple – a myriad of small bracelets combined with subtle pendants radiate summerly charm. Green, pink or orange – everything that brightens up your spirit and brings you into the vacation mood is allowed! Bring the tropics to your wrist!

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Whether as an interior decoration or fashion accessory – the cork lies fully in the trend and lends instantly a very special touch to rooms or outfits. With our award winning cork material, whether combined with metallic elements or natural, you can give free rein to your creativity.
And now we go one step further – our cork material is also available in artichoke, sand and mocca colours. So, that’s how arisen in no time trendy creations which stimulate all kinds of combinations. Cork – the natural material with a twist!

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