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On your soap, get set, go!

Now you can embellish your bathroom with your own „Daily Soap“ from our eponymous range. Here you can choose anything you want suh as a special shape, customized look or personal message. Thanks to the finest ingredients, you are not only doing a kindness for yourself, but also a favor to your loved ones with a such beautiful self-made artwork. Whether creative- or kneading-soap, bath- salts or balls, colour or fragrance oil – here is not only being creative an immense pleasure. Also the ensuing bathing fun will bring a smile to the face of your dearest and yours. Bring on the water!

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Some good news from the Creativeworld

Also this year, we can look forward to receiving an award at the Creative Impulse Award. This award is granted yearly at the Creativeworld in Frankfurt for outstanding products in the creative industries. Among numerous submissions, the four Soap-kits from our new range “Daily Soap” were positively rated this year. In the category “Complete kit of the year” due to their well-balanced content and great creative freedom, they scored points.
We are pleased to receive this award and wish you a lot of fun with our innovative new products!



Even more Chalky Finish, also for glass

Whether the two-coloured polished nostalgic look or simply in romantic pastel colors - the vividly colored nuances embellish the furniture in no time and bring to the old jumble a new, modern coat of paint. Therefore, this range has further increased. Six new trendy colors give to the DIY-enthusiasts even more opportunities to be creative. The chalk paint for glass will be available in 11 new shades. While the trend with pastel colors like vanilla, pink or baby blue collection continues, the request for fresh colors such as salmon, sea green or pink is still growing just as well the need to create a beautiful tribute to the summer with loud colours. Who likes it slightly more covered in the autumn, he reverts to the blackberry or light-grey colours that combined with matt white colour set appealing highlights without disturbing the warm, cozy atmosphere of the darker months. In addition, the two shades of blue - midnight and cerulean blue - were integrated into the range. While the luminous cerulean blue recalls of maritime flair, holidays and pure energy, the darker counterpart in combination with gold makes any item impressively stylish. Suitable varnishes give the finishing touch, so that the deco-favourites for the garden are also sufficiently assured.

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