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Novelties in the colour range

In 2015, Rayher Hobby celebrated a great success in the industry sector with the chalk colour Chalky finish. This is a good enough reason for preserving such a successful concept.
A new pen-assortment has supplemented henceforth the usual Hobby-Craft Paint. Thanks to the versatile application in the paint area the gift packagings, gift cards and wrapping papers can be attractively decorated with fine lines, writings and ornaments. The assortment of the range comes in four different types: basic, pearl, effect & 3D (glass). Each type is available in nine colours. Furthermore, artists' colors are going to be imported which are providing an optimal introduction for the curious, such as the 9 starter sets with 12 ml tubes, brush and drawing tool which are used in classical painting techniques. For experienced users, the extended range is revealing also, in addition to the 75 ml version with 34 colour shades, 10 large containers of 750 ml Made in Germany which besides a very good lightfastness have also a good coverage and an excellent mixing ratio. The white primer, the acrylic varnish in gloss, the matt finish, the structure pastes with various grit sizes and effects are all attractive due to their outstanding quality.

Dreams preserved in a stylish way

In often hectic daily routine, the desire for quietness and spirituality is getting bigger. Therefore, fitful sleep and stress at work can be often reduced by using positive talismans. Colourful dreamcatcher jewellery made of mixed materials not only ensures that in the future our dreams are well-sorted in a particularly stylish way, but also ensures a fashionable appearance with a touch of glamour. Soft feathers in pastel or bright colours and the shape are the only elements reminding of the traditional protector. So the metallic elements, Swarovski crystals, creamy pearls as well as beads brighten up the character of the subject and give the whole a fresh kick. The material mix has thereby a favorable advantage that it can be designed according to the personal taste. Dreamcatcher jewellery decorated with ribbons or if you prefer - a purely metal version?
Whatever pleases you!

Cork-fabric receives a price as creative product of the year

Besides interesting conversations the Creativeworld is captivating again this year with his highlight, the Creative Impulse Award. Eight jurors from the crafting branch are deciding between 65 topics and they awarded the RAYHER HOBBY Cork fabric as creative product of the year. Due to the versatile application possibilities and his ecological character it offers a great potential for the crafting branch. The term ""vegan leather" reflects this perfectly. The whole team is glad to get this award and also to present it this innovating product soon in trade.



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