CHALKY FINISH - A more attractive home without refurnishing

Now you can easily get your favourite style for home and garden.


Creative kneading-cement

Homemade Goodies

... self-made with love!

Jewellery cement

Be your own jewellery designer.

Daily Soap

Make wellness for yourself

Creative Cement

Mould your ideas into form!

Mini Gardening

Small, fine gardens for your home! When the weather does not cooperate or there is no garden in your nearness – with our new range “Mini Gardening” everybody becomes, in the twinkling of an eye, a true hobby gardener. Whether trendy miniature worlds with succulents and the creative-cement for the city balcony or small romantic oasis with a white furniture and garden arches for the rural windowsill - your creativity knows no bounds!
With these selected products, the dream garden becomes, in no time, part of your home and the relaxing effect of gardening comes up as a free bonus. That way, your mini-gardening makes it big time!

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Environmental Award

The sustainability is perhaps the most important concept of the present time. It is all about the conservation of ecological, economic and social standards. As a company cooperating with international suppliers, we are aware of our responsibility. For our sustainability project and particularly sustainable acting, we have now been honored with the Laupheimer’s Environmental Award. Furthermore, we are very happy about this!
Together, we can contribute to make the world a better place to live for the future generations - environmentally, economically and socially.



On your soap, get set, go!

Now you can embellish your bathroom with your own „Daily Soap“ from our eponymous range. Here you can choose anything you want suh as a special shape, customized look or personal message. Thanks to the finest ingredients, you are not only doing a kindness for yourself, but also a favor to your loved ones with a such beautiful self-made artwork. Whether creative- or kneading-soap, bath- salts or balls, colour or fragrance oil – here is not only being creative an immense pleasure. Also the ensuing bathing fun will bring a smile to the face of your dearest and yours. Bring on the water!

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