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Turn your year into your very own highlight!

Daily Candle

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Daily Soap

Make wellness for yourself

Creative Cement

Mould your ideas into form!

Homemade Goodies

Made by yourself, wrapped, decorated, given away – or just kept for yourself. With our Homemade Goodies products, you can embellish your whole year! Here, you will find the appropriate wrappings and decorations for your self-made treats and self-created artworks. By means of a decorative gift paper, sachet out of kraft-paper or practical glasses in various sizes - creative eye-catchers arise in a flash for yourself and your loved ones.
Quickly, simply and stylish - for small events, for big celebrations, when guests are expected – or just for yourself.

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Daily Candle

For a cozy candlelight, we do not need always a special reason! Especially in the upcoming dark winter season, the self-made light source provides comfort and increases the feel-good factor in our own homes. By means of various techniques, ideas and motifs, you can create in no time a true eyecatcher to match your daily good mood. In our new brochure, you will find candle-creations that will enlighten your daily life and your living space in a unique way – and become inevitably a source of inspiration for events of all kinds.

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Chalky Finish spray

The trendy matt-colour is entering its next stage! As of now, we can present you ten colour-shades of our Chalky Finish chalk-colours in the form of a spray with corresponding primer and clear varnish. Finally, the matt chalky art can be also applied on uneven surfaces such as baskets, natural materials or other fine structures. In no time, you are now also able to implement delicate spraying gradients or stylish stencil motifs. Be creative – spray your world out as you please!

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