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Miyuki Bracelet "Louisa"



14 734 820 Miyuki-bead “Tila“, amethyst, 10 g
14 740 801 Miyuki premium Rocailles, rock
                 crystal, 1 g
21 735 21   Magnet sliding clasp 3 shelves, 1 pc.
89 300 304 Threading yarn for Miyuki
                 Rocailles, 5.5 m
21 548 00   Special needle to thread beads
                  for Miyuki Rocailles

All material from RAYHER HOBBY, available in
specialist shops.


You need 3 x 1.5 meter and 1 x 1 meter yarn

1. Row: Thread 3 Tila, 2 Rocailles intermediate, thread back, 2 Rocailles again 

2. Row: Thread one Tila, thread back through the lower and again through the
             threaded Tila.

Thread one Rocaille and one Tila, thread back through the lower Tila and Rocaille and thread again through the threaded Rocaille and Tila. Repeat this step.

Thread back through the upper row, 2 Rocailles intermediate. Repeat starting at picture 2 until your length of the bracelet is reached. In our model 36 rows = length of bracelet 19 cm with clasp.
Thread back through all rows for a better stabilisation. Stitch on the magnet clasp at both ends of the bracelet.

Tip: use our mat for working with beads (item no. 21 589 00) because the flat and edged Tila beads are more breakable as the round bead forms.

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